11/8/16 NEMA 2016 - Belfry Historic Consultants: Find "Your Key to the Past”!

Belfry is pleased to participate in this year’s annual New England Museum Association Conference.   The conference will run from November 9th through the 11th in Mystic, CT and will showcase some of the most important historic archivists, conservationists, and restoration specialists in the U.S. 

 If you plan to attend, make sure to stop by and visit Belfry Historic Consultants, where we will be exhibiting rare and beautiful reproductions of hand crafted fabrics and wallcoverings.  Many of the fine products we offer will be on display, including: hand blocked and embossed papers,  passementerie, painted gaufrage mohair, horsehair fabric, leather panels, and many other historically accurate recreations which bring the richness of history to life before your eyes.  Hope to see you there!

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