Happy Earth Day - With Lim & Handtryck Wallpapers!

In honor of Earth Day, Belfry Historic Consultants would like to feature Lim & Handtryck wallpapers, who we have been so proud to represent in the United States for a decade.  

Their techniques, based on established traditions, and environmentally-friendly versions of historic color recipes include the use of handprints, original printing rolls and an over 100 year old surface print machine; called “The rose machine”. All of their products and manufacturing methods maintain high ecological quality and nearly all raw materials are renewable. The ground paper used is made from re-processed corrugated boxes and inks are made from natural pigments bound with pure linseed oil.

Here's to Earth Day and here's to Lim & Handtryck!

For orders and inquires, please contact: info@belfryhistoric.com or call: 845-275-4235.

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